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In a Fangirl Mood c:

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yes,yes he will ;-;

Poor Xander ;-; you will find love again…(with Laney)… poor dead Vick.


Holy! :O Someone pass the blue to my enemies and he red to the people I’ve hurt in the past 12 hours ;P

I hate you :3

this probably killed me with laughter… Also this VVVVV

Stupid Society messing with Love…

ok im done .u.





Some of you maybe new so here is some stuff you NEED to know.

1.) I can be nicest person you know… or the worst person you know…

2.) If you wanna meet me comment or something  and I’m always at the cafe or a party! (Sometimes Near top models with friendz.)

3.) If you think yor so awesome than check out

4.) Hi!!!!!

5.) Blog Recommendations…

My Longest Follower—->SALSA!!

2nd Longest—–> MAPLE31!!!

These ppl r awesome and FRANDZ



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im just gonna poof. WordPress died and i have no tome to come on. Sorry?Sorry. Byee

Oh my god. I’m not dead!

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Oh my god its been so longgg!!! Why school and other stuff. Well im not dead you people who havent left me yet!! I’ll make it up tho. Tell me what you guys wanna hear from me and I’ll do it!


An explanation

Admin post

Post more (try to) 

Selfie post

Story maybe??

others? (Comment em)

Reblog like whatever i want people to know I’m back for now ish 

Love youu!


Hey :’)

So yes, I’m Alive!!

^ha.. oh

So anyone has any request for posts related to fantage or any random posts? Please comment below.


Ask Barbie/ Inform Barbie

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So since I’ve been gonetoo long I’d like maybe if you guys could tell me something new or interesting or simply ask a question about mee!

Hello There Everyone! (Barbie has become grown up gaaahh ;-;)

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Hey guys!! Its been so long since I’ve been active huh? Well i just wanted to let you know im NOT dead! I miss you guys so much and i haven’t been able to get on much. Im doing fine with all this evil homework and studying and trying to make time for my relationships with people. (Im failing at it anyways….) and the dreaded family problems and self problems…. Plus my brother broke the computer and laptop so its hard to get on so im on my ipad. Im so sorry for all my friends i havent talked to on months (Ahem ahem NINA ARE YOU STILL THERE I MISS YUHH) and im sorry. Im hope ill be more active in summer and break in FOUR DAYS *0* 

~Love you Guys


Follow her on instagram NOWWWW >:3 (surrprise at bottom cx)


Oh and my personal if you wanna stalk me @__.nida.__


Love yuhh guys bye ❤

^permanent maybee

That story I was writing I put it on wattpad!!

m i t t e n ➹

I am NOT pro. js.

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header coming soon!!~ and updates for blog

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